• I attended Authors’ day in Underwood Queensland yesterday, so for those of you who would like to know what I said, Here is my talk in full.
    • Hello everyone, How are you all?
    • It’s good to ask isn’t it?……
    • First of all, I think it’s absolutely great that Ocean and his team are giving so many of us this  opportunityto express our passion through Author’s Day and to have some direct exposure to you all, which would not be available otherwise. I’d also like to thank Ocean personally for the great support he has given me throughout the entire publishing process and if any of you here are considering writing and self publishing your book, I can’t recommend Ocean and his team highly enough. It’s been a great experience and very much appreciated. Thanks so much Ocean.
    • My name is Paul Bennett and I am The Cranky Guru. Author of the book, ‘The Cranky Guru-Adventures in Metaphysics’. You may ask why ‘cranky’? And I’ll say “what’s it to ya! Do ya want to make something of it? HAHAHA! Fact is, I actually like the moniker ‘cranky’, because it immediately identifies me with the endless trials and tribulations of everyday life. Those niggling little and sometimes big things we all must contend with.
    • If I had settled on a more pretentious title, like, for instance, ‘The immaculate Guru’, or The Guru of Endless Miracles, I think I’d be in lots of trouble! Expectations would be so high, it’d be hard to live up to them wouldn’t it? So, I’m happy being The ‘Cranky Guru’ and when the pressure builds as it does from time to time and expletives flow and the blood boils and people point at me and say, “But Paul, you said you’re a Guru!” I’ll say, ‘Yes, that’s right! A cranky one!” Sometimes! HAHAHA!
    • Fact is, we’re all Gurus, massively grander and more awesome than we ever give ourselves credit for and all we need do to achieve dizzying heights of awesomeness is to simply BELIEVE in ourselves and it will BE SO in our reality. Who believes me?
    • I’ve entitled my talk today, ‘How to Act as If in the Timeless Now’ and I hope to share some useful pointers on how to achieve this goal in the time allotted to me, but before I do, I want to tell you a story about a dear old friend of mine. His name is Neil Glaser. He’s 96 now, in fact I’m visiting him tomorrow for his 69th wedding anniversary. He was my greatest mentor and I’ve written about him in my book. Anyhow Neil was a tireless worker for many charities and in my capacity as a graphic designer I helped him pro bono on many projects.
    • One day Neil said to me, “Paul, you’ve been so helpful to me, I’d like you to accompany me to America.” I was gob smacked of course! It was the adventure of a lifetime!And of course I said yes! So, we first travelled to San Francisco and as fate would have it, the day before we were to leave for Los Angeles, we sat watching the LA riots on TV. It was April 1992. We sat in silence for many minutes and then Neil turned to me and spoke eight immortal words which have defined my approach to life ever since.
    • He said, “Paul, if we don’t go, we’ll never know.” So the next day, we boarded our plane for war torn Los Angeles.”As we approached LA International Airport, the pall of smoke hanging over the city looked ominous and walking out of the airport, the smoke looked even thicker. The place was practically deserted, except for a line of twenty travellers stretching towards one lone, yellow taxi.
    • I thought to myself, “We’ll never get out of this airport!” but Neil had other ideas. Without a moment’s hesitation, he brazenly walked to the head of the line, talked briefly to the cab driver and beckoned for me to follow him. Walking past all those people in the same predicament was difficult indeed, but in moments, we were in the cab and on our way.
    • Now, I don’t know if Neil had ever heard of metaphysics, but in that instant, he ‘acted as if in the timeless now’ which is the very essence of Metaphysics. So, even though he may not have known it, he is one of the greatest Metaphysicians I’ve ever met!
    • Now, if we check out Wikipedia for a definition of ‘Metaphysics’, we’ll find this:
    • Print
    • That’s such a mouthful isn’t it?
    • But I really prefer my own definition which
    • simply states:
    • ACTING AS IF. It’s quite a terrifying concept for
    • many isn’t it? We usually prefer to ‘wait and see what happens’ before we act don’t we?
    • While metaphysics says:
    • LEAP!
    • In fact, this idea is the very bedrock of Metaphysical thinking.
    • To become a metaphysician then, there are certain principles one must embrace and in fact completely believe. And once that is the case, ‘acting as if’ becomes a snap! The principles are:
    • It might be just me, but I don’t think that’s too much of a stretch, do you? After all, even Einstein said:
    • and he was a very wise guy indeed.
    • But I’ll understand if there’s some hesitation in clasping these concepts to our collective bosoms, so lets take a closer look at them.
    • First of all, can we say categorically that TIME IS REAL? The acid test would simply be, can we detect it with any one of our five senses? You know, sight, smell, taste, touch or hearing? For example, can I say, “Hark! I hear time approaching!” Of course, the answer is not really. It’s a human construct. But even so, if we didn’t have time in our waking reality, we’d never catch a bus, make a meeting or eat a meal that wasn’t burnt to a crisp! So I agree, the idea of time is useful, but it’s not real in the metaphysical sense.
    • Now, you might feel like asking me, “Paul, what’s the point of all this? Even if we accept that time doesn’t exist, why would we do it? What are the benefits? And I would reply, “Well, the greatest benefit of all, forgetting the deeper esoteric purpose for now, is quite simply peace of mind! A priceless gift, don’t you agree? Just think of the stress that’s caused in our lives because we’re anchored in time! It’s huge! We stress about the future and regret the past!
    • anchored_title
    • So, if we can just accept that time is not ‘real’, shouldn’t we also accept that the linear progression of time is also not real? Meaning, everything we’ve thought of as past, present or future is really happening NOW.
    • 2
    • And the NOW is so beautiful isn’t it? We’re here, enjoying this moment and it’s such a beautiful space where no past or future event can rain on our incredible Lightness of Being and we can rest here in the very nucleus of loving thought and creative ideas. (HONK! HONK!) Oh damn! Our bus has just arrived! Oh well. When that happens, we’ll simply snap back into our usual ‘space/time continuum’. HAHAHA!
    • The third principle is: ‘what we think, we create.’
    • 3) What we think
    • Have a guess how many thoughts do you think we have on average per day? Anyone? Well, the National Science Foundation of America says between 12k – 50k, while esteemed neuroscientist Dr Deepak Chopra says 60k to 80k! That’s a lot of thoughts!
    • And I’m here to tell you that thoughts are things. We tend to disregard them don’t we and think they have no impact, but they have substance and contain energy and since energy cannot be destroyed, every one of those 50 thousand thoughts went somewhere and created something! Oh my God!
    • I think if we could just embrace this idea that our thoughts contain creative energy, we may think more carefully and focus a little more on loving thoughts rather than judgemental or bitchy ones, even though they can be a lot of fun as we all know. What do you think?
    • We are in fact ‘Creators in Training’ and every last one of us is enrolled, whether we know it or not in ‘Earth School’. The eternal question is why are we here? And the answer is, to learn how to think and create responsibly and in so doing, manifest a beautiful, generous and collaborative world we can all enjoy. Bahá’u’lláh the founder of the Baha’i faith famously said, “The earth is one country and all its people citizens”. If only that was a global belief, what a great world this would be.
    • So, our thoughts impact our beliefs and
    • our forth principle is Our beliefs create our personal reality.
    • 4) Our beliefs
    • You may ask me, Paul, can you prove that our beliefs create our reality, and I’ll say yes I can! imagine for a moment that there is a child who just happens to be the daughter of the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan?
    • This kid will be schooled from birth in the dangers of associating with practically anyone who does not fit the white supremacist belief system and these beliefs will then colour every aspect of this young person’s life, as if viewing the world through tinted lenses. And this will remain the reality until such time as something happens to modify those extreme beliefs.
    • And following these four principles is all it takes to ‘Act as if in the Timeless NOW!’ We just need to disregard time, Think positively and Believe fervently to manifest our preferred reality.
    • Of course it’s also important to understand that if we are not happy with our lot in life, WE have the power, as ‘Creators in Training’ to initiate change by simply changing our beliefs.
    • Unfortunately, there is far too much to say about Metaphysics to cover it adequately, but I do hope if my brief talk has stimulated your interest, you might take the time to explore this fascinating subject
    • NOW, I promised to share a sure fire way to enter into the timeless now in five seconds and here it is. It can be accomplished by simply focusing on the breath.
    • As with thought, we take breathing for granted don’t we and yet it is the very Life Force which keeps us ticking, so it probably deserves a little more attention.
    • Now, whether you’re sitting or standing, it doesn’t matter and you can close your eyes if you like, but not while you’re driving! HAHAHA! Focus on the breath now and as you breathe in, imagine the breath is being drawn up from your feet and exiting through the top of your head (The Crown Chakra). Hold for a moment and then Relax and breathe out fully. Now three more times with me. We have all now entered the eternal moment together.

    I’ll leave you today with my favourite quote from the Dalai Lama. He said, “ My religion is kindness. A good mind. A good heart. Warm feelings. These are the most important things.” Thank you.

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Everything is ‘living’.

Every now and then it’s worth remembering that everything is ‘living’, even those things we may consider inanimate. Rocks, stones, wooden man-made objects, buildings, furniture, metal etc. Because everything is made from the same stuff; atoms and molecules. And the smallest particles of all are those which comprise ‘thought’. Because thoughts are ‘things’ too. When we have a thought then, we add to the stuff of the universe and EVERYTHING changes. That’s how powerful we are! As a result, we do need to think carefully and make every thought count. Love and Light to all.


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Every second is good!

So, here’s the thing. When I’m asked “How are you Paul?” I invariably answer, “Always good!”. This response is perplexing to many and I sometimes get a good shellacking from the ‘boss’ for making what appears to be a ridiculous and improbable comment. But the fact remains, there is an aspect of each one of us that sits above the vicissitudes of everyday life and it is attainable by everyone who seeks it. In my blog yesterday, I spoke about ‘acting as if’ to attain ones preferred reality and my almost automatic response (“always good”) dovetails beautifully with this concept. What I’m saying is simply this. If there’s a problem, ignore it, because whatever we ‘shine our Light’ on will invariably grow. Knowing this, we need to choose our targets for illumination carefully and in this way, we not only shine the Light, but create more of it. Much needed in our world today. Love and Light to all. 

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Just recently, I’ve witnessed first hand the power of Metaphysics. We could simply call it ‘positive thinking’ of course, but it’s so much more than this in reality. Metaphysics, or ‘The Art of Acting As If’, requires not just positive thought but actual BELIEF that ones goal has ALREADY be accomplished and that’s where the ‘acting as if’ kicks in. I fully understand how really frightening this is for many people and the natural reaction is to say to oneself, “Dearie me! If I say that, I’ll really jinx it and what if it doesn’t happen?” It’s human nature to be cautious and even think the worst, or take a ‘wait and see’ approach to all challenges. But the  mathematically precise universe responds to every positive and negative belief with equal enthusiasm! HAHAHA! Universe: “You want to wait? OK, we’ll wait. You believe it to BE? Great! So BE it! It’s really that simple, scary as it may sound. So, let’s give it a go now! Just ‘ACT AS IF’ and make that phone call. Visit that person. Clear up the misunderstanding etc. Since time doesn’t exist, everything has already happened anyway. So go on! ACT AS IF! Courage. xxxx 🙂


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This is Religion to me

“My religion is kindness,

A good mind. A good heart.

Warm feelings.

These are the most important things.”

The Dalai Lama

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In this modern world, there’s a lot of pressure on all of us. The world situation, work, family, study, relationships. We live with a mountain of concerns and sometimes it appears insurmountable! We are tempted to say “I’M NOT”, but please resist these words at all costs! Instead, let’s proclaim loud and clear our “I AM” list. And when we say ‘I AM’, see these letters twenty feet high and blazing golden in the morning sun! And let’s not let our perceived ‘truths’ get in the way either, because ‘belief precedes reality’. Go on! Make it rich and beautiful and heroic, uplifting and super positive.

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An Epiphany

When we say “We are One”, do we actually believe it? Intrinsically, I know and accept that our beliefs create our reality, but can we honestly assist in the creation of ‘Oneness’ if we actually think, Sure! We are One, except for those guys, or that religion, or the other thing, can we? Makes no sense! And if we say “Embrace All That Is”, surely it must be absolute? As our personal ‘Game of Life’ unfolds and individually and collectively we seek to manifest a loving and peaceful world, let’s include everyone in our thoughts, friends and foes alike. Because like it or not, that’s Oneness.

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In this modern world, there’s a lot of pressure on all of us. The world situation, work, family, study, relationships. We live with a mountain of concerns and sometimes it appears insurmountable! We are tempted to say “I’M NOT”, but please resist these words at all costs! Instead, let’s proclaim loud and clear our “I AM” list. And when we say ‘I AM’, see these letters twenty feet high and blazing golden in the morning sun! And let’s not let our perceived ‘truths’ get in the way, because ‘belief precedes reality’. Go on! We’ll make it rich and beautiful and heroic, uplifting and super positive. And it’s good to remember, since time doesn’t exist, we can also draw from the best qualities of our future selves! Please let me know how you go and have a great day. xxxx The Cranky Guru

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A God by any other name…

As human beings, we have all evolved with complex and differing influences, attitudes and belief systems which colour our perspectives on life materially, emotionally and spiritually. In many ways these diverse views of ‘what is’ have created rifts and misunderstandings between us and certainly our adherence to various branches of faith with diverse commands, rules, observances, rituals and ‘forbiddens’ etc. have been instrumental throughout history in creating much separation, pain and suffering. We’re so keen for our God to be the ‘One God’ and so we call this personal God of ours by many different names that no doubt have deep meaning to each of us as individuals.

But what is needed in this crazy world is to come together in a deeper understanding of that which joins us so much more strongly that the details that divide. So here is my suggestion. It’s a simple matter of semantics. For the duration of this week, let’s focus on our individual God and substitute the name “ALL THAT IS”. It’s a tiny semantic difference which could have far-reaching ramifications for the good of Humanity. Let’s embrace our beautiful world together as one. xxxx :))

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It’s morning and our eyes finally flicker open. We draw a deep breath and prepare to ‘do it all again’ in 2015, only better this time. The only thing is, since time doesn’t actually exist, nothing has ended or begun and in spite of the imaginary goal posts installed by each of us, in the eternal moment of NOW, we are free of regret for the past AND anxiety of the future! We are at liberty to explore our desires and ambitions without the clock ticking! That’s a heap of pressure off us right there isn’t it? So I say, let’s all relax, in the full understanding that we have eternity to get things right and that we are exactly where we are meant to be, which is right here. Now. Enjoy! xxxx 🙂


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