Every second is good!

So, here’s the thing. When I’m asked “How are you Paul?” I invariably answer, “Always good!”. This response is perplexing to many and I sometimes get a good shellacking from the ‘boss’ for making what appears to be a ridiculous and improbable comment. But the fact remains, there is an aspect of each one of us that sits above the vicissitudes of everyday life and it is attainable by everyone who seeks it. In my blog yesterday, I spoke about ‘acting as if’ to attain ones preferred reality and my almost automatic response (“always good”) dovetails beautifully with this concept. What I’m saying is simply this. If there’s a problem, ignore it, because whatever we ‘shine our Light’ on will invariably grow. Knowing this, we need to choose our targets for illumination carefully and in this way, we not only shine the Light, but create more of it. Much needed in our world today. Love and Light to all. 

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