Paul Mono

Paul is an ‘all round creative person’ (theatre, music, violin, singing, art, design)
who lives in Sydney with his wife Tutti. He has two daughters, Cecily-Anna, a journalist and Features Editor at Pacific Publications in Sydney and Sonia, a fashion designer for Zandra Rhodes in London.

Paul’s basic philosophy is “strangers are just friends waiting to happen” and as a result seeks new friends randomly from every race, colour and creed, knowing that all new contacts have huge untapped potential for good things to happen.

As a ‘Lightworker’, Paul seeks to assist humanity by promoting human communication and understanding, by being a catalyst for an explosion of friendship, good will and joyful encounters.

His greatest desire is to make people feel better about themselves and then pass it on to others creating a ‘snowball effect’ of good energy and in ways unknown, make the world a better place for all.

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