The Pineal Gland needs our help!

Now here’s the thing. I appreciate that olive leaf toothpaste may not sound particularly yummy, but it has one substance missing which makes it very appealing to me. Fluoride. Make no mistake. Yes, fluoride hardens tooth enamel, but it also calcifies the pineal gland, the tiny acorn-shaped organ buried deep in the centre of the brain which is responsible for the activation of our 6th and 7th senses. (Yes there is a 7th sense too.)

I have a singular objective and that is to help raise the consciousness of humanity, so we can all escape the restrictive paradigm in which we currently exist. If that idea appeals, please read on. Love and Light to all. xxxx 🙂…/the-meaning-of-the-pinea……/the-meaning-of-the-pinea…



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