The Cranky Guru

The Cranky Guru: Adventures in Metaphysics

By Paul L Bennett

First, there was The Celestine Prophecy… Then, there was The Secret

Now, there is The Cranky Guru: Adventures in Metaphysics, the debut book by The Cranky Guru himself, Paul L Bennett. Here, Paul ponders some of life’s most profound questions with an enlightening sense of humour and insight, getting to the crux of what it truly means to live life beyond your expectations. For example:

  • Are we merely victims of circumstance, or can we actually create our own destiny?
  • Does time exist?
  • Are past, present and future happening simultaneously?
  • Do our beliefs create our reality?

The answers to these questions and many more can be found within. Merging a sense of fun and real life anecdotes with deep esoteric philosophy, this is a book that has evolved over thirty years of spiritual study and deep contemplation, offering assistance to all who seek the answers to living effective lives in ‘Earth School’.

Metaphysics, or the art of ‘Acting As If’, is the universal tool of creation. Its mastery, achievable by anyone with an open mind, will open doors you may not have previously imagined. Whether you want to be the master your own success, heal past hurts, improve your relationships or simply find a greater sense of inner peace, one thing’s for sure: this book will definitely change your perspective. It might even change your life.


About the Author

Paul L Bennett AKA The Cranky Guru is what you might call an all-round creative: a graphic designer, professionally trained opera singer, artist, violinist, one half of blues band Dog On Holiday, and published author. His loving family coined his name ‘The Cranky Guru’ after deciding that while Paul deals in ‘love and light’, he is every bit as fallible – and prone to cranky outbursts – as the rest of us. Still, it’s what makes his insights into metaphysics and living beyond your potential all the more real and engaging – something his thousands of Facebook followers will attest. His trademark humour, warmth and wisdom will have you grasping life with both hands and achieving the destiny of your dreams – with gusto!

For more information or to arrange an interview: The Cranky Guru: Adventures in Metaphysics
Tel: 0413 739 130 Paul L Bennett
Email: PrintedBook: ISBN 9780992551902
Blog: E-Book: ISBN 9780992551919
Facebook: paul.bennett58118 Launched: 30th July 2014

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