Earth School. A tough gig!

I’m sure from time to time we’ve all said to ourselves. What th…! What’s going on? I didn’t sign up for this and what’s happening to me now is sooo tough! Stop the world, I want to get off! But as every athlete knows, ‘no pain, no gain’. It’s a universal challenge and ‘Earth School’ is the perfect place for growth, spiritually and emotionally. Of course, we DID sign up for this experience and come what may, we will overcome all obstacles. The universe never gives us more than we are capable of handling and all of us have come through tough times, dusted ourselves off and got on with life regardless of the challenges we’ve faced. That’s the nature of the human spirit. Tenacious and resourceful! So, regardless of the challenges we may be facing, simply trust that we’re fully supported by the universe in every endeavour we undertake! Faith and courage!


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5 Responses to Earth School. A tough gig!

  1. spoopyshibe says:

    Haha…school in Earth School is pretty difficult too.

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