Just recently, I’ve witnessed first hand the power of Metaphysics. We could simply call it ‘positive thinking’ of course, but it’s so much more than this in reality. Metaphysics, or ‘The Art of Acting As If’, requires not just positive thought but actual BELIEF that ones goal has ALREADY be accomplished and that’s where the ‘acting as if’ kicks in. I fully understand how really frightening this is for many people and the natural reaction is to say to oneself, “Dearie me! If I say that, I’ll really jinx it and what if it doesn’t happen?” It’s human nature to be cautious and even think the worst, or take a ‘wait and see’ approach to all challenges. But the  mathematically precise universe responds to every positive and negative belief with equal enthusiasm! HAHAHA! Universe: “You want to wait? OK, we’ll wait. You believe it to BE? Great! So BE it! It’s really that simple, scary as it may sound. So, let’s give it a go now! Just ‘ACT AS IF’ and make that phone call. Visit that person. Clear up the misunderstanding etc. Since time doesn’t exist, everything has already happened anyway. So go on! ACT AS IF! Courage. xxxx 🙂


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