A God by any other name…

As human beings, we have all evolved with complex and differing influences, attitudes and belief systems which colour our perspectives on life materially, emotionally and spiritually. In many ways these diverse views of ‘what is’ have created rifts and misunderstandings between us and certainly our adherence to various branches of faith with diverse commands, rules, observances, rituals and ‘forbiddens’ etc. have been instrumental throughout history in creating much separation, pain and suffering. We’re so keen for our God to be the ‘One God’ and so we call this personal God of ours by many different names that no doubt have deep meaning to each of us as individuals.

But what is needed in this crazy world is to come together in a deeper understanding of that which joins us so much more strongly that the details that divide. So here is my suggestion. It’s a simple matter of semantics. For the duration of this week, let’s focus on our individual God and substitute the name “ALL THAT IS”. It’s a tiny semantic difference which could have far-reaching ramifications for the good of Humanity. Let’s embrace our beautiful world together as one. xxxx :))

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