The clock is NOT ticking

Everywhere I turn, I see people living life by the clock! Trapped in the spokes of a linear time wheel and manifesting reality based on their perception of where they are on the flimsy twig of mortality. Why do we regiment ourselves like this? All we really need to know is that linear time is a figment of our imagination and “divine time is never late”  (Florence Skovel-Shinn).

If we can finally accept that time doesn’t exist, then we are liberated to do whatever we like, when we like! Grandma Moses, (Anna Mary Robertson Moses, born in 1860) began painting at the age of 75 (1915), while Mozart composed his symphony No.1 in E flat major, at the age of 8!

th    Unknown-2

All I’m saying is let’s not be influenced by what others perceive as the right time to do things and there’s certainly no need to ‘not start’ or ‘slow down’ because of some silly time/age related reason.

And while I’m at it, let’s remove the words “if” and “when” from our vocabularies completely. They’re just holding us back. All we have is NOW. So, let’s do it NOW and not let anyone or anything stop us!


Here, you can use my clock!

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