Happiness is what you make it.

Recently my other (better) half Tutti has been doing a self improvement course at the Landmark Forum. Now, I have to tell you up front that if there is anyone in this world who is in less need of self improvement, it’s Tutti, because she is a one hundred percent ‘helper’ and not a ‘helpee’. Ask anyone!

Anyhow, she was asked by her instructor to write a list of all the ways in which her life could be better than it is now and guess what? Tutti couldn’t think of one thing! She said “You know, everything in my life is just fine the way it is.” No mention of more money, bigger house, car, boat, holiday home etc. etc.

When Tutti laughingly told me this, my heart soared! No wonder I love her so much! And she doesn’t need to read any of my posts, or even be my facebook friend, (she’s not!) to totally get that happiness is what you make it!

So, here’s what I’d love us all to do. Let’s focus on our partners today and regardless of their idiosyncrasies, foibles and irritating little ways, let’s LOVE THEM! See them as the most important people in our lives. Focus on them NOW, with all our intense desire, unconditional love, imagination and intent.

We can be happy with what we have. Rejoice in that! xxxx

Paul & Tutti.tif

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