Let’s believe in ourselves first!

When we watch ads on TV promoting treatments for every kind of ailment and ‘dis-ease’ from listlessness to cancer, why is no mention ever made of the bodies natural healing properties? Perhaps, instead of every ad finishing with “if symptoms persist, see your health care professional”, it should say, “if symptoms persist, try visualising yourself better, focus on being well and let your miraculous body fix it”. Wouldn’t that be a more positive approach? I don’t really understand why so little attention is given to our natural efficacy, but I do know if we choose to give over our personal healing power completely to others, we reduce our chances of recovery. Of course doctors and modern medicine are important, but combining those treatments with an understanding of our authentic healing abilities will improve the odds a hundred fold!

And can you imagine the empowering good, governments could do if they spent just a little of our squandered taxes on community service announcements that said “trust yourself! Think for yourself and always take the positive view.” That’s worth spending a buck or two on don’t you think?!! What we think, we create.



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