So, what is a ‘belief’?

Many would say my beliefs are “my truth” and that is certainly correct. But as I said yesterday, they are not just truths for us, but they are actually creating our reality in the physical sense as well! As hard as it is to hear, my belief (that word again!) is we are actually responsible for everything that happens to us and all happenings are a direct result of our beliefs. If that can be accepted, then if we change a belief, we also change the outcome and we will have removed a lens colouring the view in that certain direction.

I appreciate that many rail against this idea of ‘total responsibility’, wanting to place the blame for their situation on others. But can placing blame elsewhere actually change anything for the better? The answer is no. When WE take responsibility and control of our thoughts and beliefs, real change is inevitable! So, for those of you interested in embracing this philosophy, this is how it’s done.


STEP 1: Now, changing unwanted beliefs does take a little work, but the benefits are so profound, I encourage you all to give it a go! Just find a quiet space away from all distractions and start by writing down what you consider to be your core beliefs. Start by asking yourself questions like “what am I afraid of and why?” “Do I like people?” “Am I likable?” and so on. As you do this fearlessly and honestly, not shying away from the tough questions such as “do I judge people?” or “Am I prejudiced?” The most important thing while doing this exercise is not what you think about it, but how you feel! Some statements may bring up deep emotion. Put a tick next to those for further analysis later.

STEP 2: Once you have gone through your core belief list as thoroughly as possible and ticked those beliefs you would like to change, sit quietly and think deeply on them one at a time. This is not a meditation and no technique of any kind is required. You’re just having a quiet chat with yourself in the understanding that change is necessary and it can be achieved by eliminating those beliefs that are creating limitations.

STEP 3: It’s important now to accept the old belief as yours and then just say “this belief is no longer useful to me and I now eliminate it from my thinking. I now believe “I AM (insert the new belief here)”. Sometimes these new beliefs will require some reinforcement and so repetition is necessary. Just keep repeating “I AM…..” until you feel totally comfortable with it and then watch the magic happen!

I do hope that is helpful to you in your lives and please feel free to make comments and ask any questions that may arise.

Love and Light, The Cranky Guru.

Certainly many conditions cannot be helped, like mental illness or physical deformity and I’ll speak about these another day. CG

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