Belief creates Reality

As sure as night follows day, good flows from positive beliefs, while ‘not so good’ flows from negative ones. Elementary my dear Watson!! And of course, many would say how can we control what we think? And I’m here to tell you WE CAN! Our thoughts are the direct result of our beliefs and by changing our beliefs, we in turn modify our thoughts. Think of all the beliefs we have accumulated over the years and it’s as if we’re wearing multiple pairs of glasses, some dark and others in bright colours, but all a reflection of our beliefs and all changing the focus of our thoughts!

We CAN change our beliefs and in my next blog I’ll show you how. In the meantime let’s be happy, not because of ‘things’, or even because of ‘things that happened’, but simply because it feels good and we deserve it! Love and Light. The Cranky Guru.

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