Collaboration before Competition

Why is it necessary to compete? Are we so unsure of ourselves that we need to be measured against others to establish our true worth? I heard a story once of a missionary in a particular native village who said to the children “See that big tree over there? I’ve placed beautiful fruit at its base and the first to reach the tree gets it all! On your marks, get set, GO!” The children looked at each other, then holding hands and laughing happily, walked to the tree together. They then sat down as a group and all shared the fruit. We’ve lost our way I feel, since our true worth is never in question. We accomplish so much more ‘with’ than ‘against’. xxx


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2 Responses to Collaboration before Competition

  1. guymax says:

    Yep. Seems to me we usually compete to co-operate and co-operate to compete. In sport we compete to join the team so we can co-operate to compete against the other team who have so-operated to compete with us, and then the two teams co-operate to fix a day and time to compete with each other. It takes two to make an argument etc.

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