Following on from yesterday’s statement “We are not fully conscious until we know the contents of our conscious mind, including all core beliefs”, I thought I’d offer a ‘core beliefs’ check list so we can examine more closely the contents of our conscious minds. The idea is to simply repeat the list (or make up your own list if you prefer) and see if the words resonate with who we are.

If there is resistance of any kind, then pause for reflection before continuing. Please feel free to share any feedback on this exercise.

I AM kind, I AM considerate, I AM compassionate, I AM tolerant, I AM non-judgmental, I AM allowing, I AM generous, I AM friendly, I AM loving, I AM open, I AM gregarious, I AM brave, I AM fearless, I AM resolute, I AM tenacious, I AM competitive, I AM heroic, I AM…

and have a great day! xxxx

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