“The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics” COMING SOON!

Here’s another excerpt from my soon to be released Book The Cranky Guru – Adventures in metaphysics. How I met my soul mate Tutti. Enjoy!


My girlfriend of the week Sarah (NHRN), who worked in a massage parlour called the ‘House of Health’, (I know, I know!) invited me to a big party one Saturday night and no sooner had I stepped into this crowded living room than Tutti caught my eye. No, that’s not nearly strong enough a description of the emotions I felt looking at her from across that crowded room. I was transfixed! I was in love! It was a cosmic connection of such power, I was helpless to resist. ‘Sarah’ faded into oblivion, never to be seen again as I floated towards Tutti on that fateful night! As I found out later, Tutti was there with her live-in bodybuilder boyfriend Peter, but undaunted, I walked straight up to her and said “hi! I must take you out sometime”. She told me much later, her immediate thought was “oh oh! Here’s another ‘Portnoy’ trying to get into my nickers!” And yes, I was wearing something similar, but this time it was very different! Little did I know I had just met my soul mate. And that very week, true to God, Tutti told her mother “mummy, if I ever marry anyone, I’m marrying this guy!” Is it possible to know? Is there such a thing as destiny? I do believe so. Here’s how I think it works…”

The plan is to have the book ready for online purchase by the end of December 2013!

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