“The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics” COMING SOON!


I’m really looking forward to the release of my new book “Adventures in metaphysics”! In it, I will share lots of information on my personal spiritual journey and give insights into the nature of the universe and our place in it. We are superb beings whether we realise it or not and we all have a mandate to create the best possible lives for ourselves. We just need the tools and some knowledge on how to use them! I hope my book will be of value to everyone who reads it and supply some of the answers we all seek.

Here’s a short excerpt from the book:

“Many of us, particularly in western societies, spend our lives yearning for things to make us ‘more’. We feel that if we keep adding ‘stuff’. Bigger better car, job, house, wife…err…maybe not a bigger better wife. That would be a whole book in itself! Those of you reading this, who know my wife Tutti would certainly agree. But Tutti will get a mention, or even a chapter later on, I promise! Now, that’s something to look forward to!

The point I’m making is that we actually miss so much in our incessant search for ‘the next big thing’. Never satisfied with what is, and always seeking, seeking. What are we seeking? Why, the missing intangible ingredient of course! That ‘something’ which will complete us.  We don’t really know what this ‘something’ is, we just know it’s missing! And so the search begins. My dearest wish in writing this book is that we discover together that ‘missing something’ which will assist us in leading a wonderful, fulfilling LIFE. Let the journey begin!”

The plan is to have the book ready for online purchase by the end of December 2013!

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