Should we care if the world is round or flat?

round or

So anyhow, here’s the thing. Some of you may have been a little shocked at the subject matter of my recent posts. Such as ‘is the world flat?’ ‘Does gravity actually exist?’ Paul! What’s going on? HAHAHA! Have you gone totally nuts? Well it all started when I read a book recommended to me by a friend, The Flat-Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay.  I have to say, it was compelling reading! Scientific and quite believable. So the question is, what if the world is actually flat? After all, it’s a plausible theory. But then again, so is the idea of a ‘ball/earth just a theory, isn’t it? After all, did Isaac Newton ever leave the planet to corroborate his ideas? No he didn’t.

But this is NOT my point. Far from it. Ask yourself this. If, let’s say, you belong to an elite group with designs on ruling the world and to achieve this end, you wanted a way to ensure your subjects (you know, the workers. Us!) were kept constantly off balance, subjugated and feeling inferior, what better way than to convince them they are on a tiny globe spinning and hurtling through space around a sun AND just one of billions of stars and planets in myriad solar systems. Not too special is it? And tell me honestly, how secure does that make you feel? And that’s before the addition of wars, famine, terrorism and Trump!

Then, it hit me. Wouldn’t I prefer to be living my life on a stationary flat dish, at the centre of the universe with the sun and moon as two perfect light sources doing our bidding? Yes, I really would! And so my friends, here’s the rub. I simply DON’T CARE which theory is correct. I just know which one I prefer to believe and since our beliefs create our reality, I’m actually feeling so much safer now! More secure and a lot happier. Go on. Jump up and down a few times on the good ol’ stationary flat dish we call home and rejoice! Who’s with me?



Ahh! That’s better!


And another thing. Can anyone tell me why the United Nations uses a ‘flat earth’ image in it’s logo? Very strange, don’t you think? Peace and Love. xxxx 🙂

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