To BE or not to BE? That is the question.

I think the most commonly asked question of children is, “What do you want to BE when you grow up?” My issue with the question is this. ‘BEING’ is a state of existence, timeless, irrevocable and infinite. ‘DOING’? Not so much! HAHAHA! It’s subtle isn’t it? But as soon as we open our eyes on planet earth, we are conditioned to DO and passing off DOING as BEING, is patently untrue. I understand why of course. Without an engaged workforce, our entire financial system would collapse, so the conditioning must start early! However, what it engenders in most everyone is a strong focus on work, encouraging us to think only of our chosen careers to make money and leaving virtually no time at all for inward reflection.

If we were encouraged to explore higher consciousness early, without coercion to the contrary from governments and the media particularly, great vistas of possibilities would be opened to us and we would then understand the depth of our existence and fully engage our intrinsic gifts. Not ‘work-focussed’, but ‘people-focussed’. Then we would realise our authentic power with no need for external ‘saviours’, because within would be found all the support we’d ever need! And if governments acted this way, (which they don’t!) even war would be unthinkable, because as a ‘business’, it would cease to be viable. Food for thought. Love and Light to all.

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