Changing your beliefs? Knock the house down!

I read a Seth meditation recently which takes the universal truth that our Beliefs create our reality to an elevated resolution. So yes, there are aspects of our individual realities we certainly may not be happy with, or even proud of. But even if we believe in the concept, (‘belief creates reality’) how do we change our beliefs so the new preferred reality can manifest? Meditate on it? Certainly, but listen while I share this Seth visualisation I’ve found so very effective!

As we meditate on the belief/s we wish to upgrade, visualise an old dilapidated house. See it in all its decrepid detail. Then, walk up to it and place your ‘old’ beliefs inside. Now, step out of the way as a huge bulldozer comes and knocks the creaky old house down and sweeps it clear away.

As you watch in amazement, a team of builders and architects come and start building a beautiful palace with lavish materials and a breath taking garden in rapid time! It’s so beautiful, glistening in the morning light and in an instant, it’s finished! As you walk up the beautifully manicured garden path to the front door, there’s a welcome mat which reads “WELCOME TO YOUR NEW BELIEFS”.

You walk in and place your new belief on a pedestal  in the centre of the exquisite lounge room, and your visualisation is complete.

I do hope this has been helpful. Please let me know if that is the case.          Love and Light to all.

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