Getting in touch with self.

In my book ‘The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics’, I explain several meditation techniques I have explored on my personal ‘journey of discovery’ and I would like to give this to you now. I call it ‘Getting in touch with ‘self’. Here it is. I do hope it’s helpful.
“Find a quiet spot away from all distractions and simply sit with eyes closed. As you rest and relax, listen intently for any tones that are present. There is no right or wrong way to do this and whatever you experience is uniquely your own. The tone that you may hear is the tone of your existence, the rhythm of Life. You are simply getting in touch with your true self and being centred in ‘the eternal lightness of being’. As you listen more intently for the tone, you may experience it getting louder and you may also feel a rhythm connected to it. As you connect with this rhythm, imagine it emanating from your body in all directions, to the far reaches of the Universe, as it resonates with love and healing.
This is actually happening, since our Life Force cannot be impeded. It’s the building block of creation, instrumental in forming our physical reality. I sometimes feel this so strongly, it’s like electromagnetism coursing through my body. If I’m upset about anything, this simple exercise returns me to balance again. With practice, this ‘life-tone’ will become readily accessible, enabling you to instantly connect with the ‘now’, while bringing you back into balance.” Truth, Love and Light. xxxx


PS. This shot has not been enhanced in any way. It was ‘given’ to me as I walked along a busy Bali lane several years ago. I was totally gobsmacked when I saw what I had photographed! TCG.

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