How to manifest our reality through belief

Like a circus juggler, we work hard to keep our dreams in the air. And it is possible, when we understand and accept that our beliefs create our reality. If we just spend ten minutes a day, totally focused on our primary beliefs, the desired outcome will manifest. It may be a project we believe in. In my case, it is my book “The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics”, which has taken five years to write and is now in the last stages of editing.

For just ten minutes a day for one week, let’s sit quietly together and reinforce our belief. We’ll see our goal manifested and complete in our mind. In my case I visualise every aspect of my book in vivid detail and I see huge success, with millions of people benefiting world wide from the stories through which my philosophies are presented.

I see myself speaking in public, on TED and on the speakers circuit at conventions and seminars. And certainly, I see financial reward for my effort too, although my book will be inexpensive, since I want to give everyone the opportunity to read it.

Now, coupled with this vivid belief, must come a second vitally important belief and that is that everything we have visualised ‘has already happened’. We can see it, feel it, hold it and savour it! There will be those of course, who will dismiss this second belief as abject denial and even gross egocentricity! But surely we are free to dream what we like? So, be outrageous and bold then in your belief and let no one bring you down! Certainly, knockers and ‘naysayers’ lurk around every bend in the road, but we are resolute and strong and our long cherished dream will become our reality.

Please try this and let me know what happens. Profound success may be immediate, but please continue for just ten minutes a day for the entire week regardless. Every success. CG




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