What we think, we create.

I have a young friend who works on reception at the gym I attend and the other day I could see straight away that she was very unwell. Normally, I’d just say hi and hand in my card to be scanned, but this day I offered my arms for a hug. She readily accepted my offer across the counter and we stood that way for several minutes. She said, “Paul, I’m so sick!” I thought to myself, using the cosmic initiators ‘I AM’ before the word ‘sick’ was probably not the best path to wellness! HAHA! But instead, I told her to try, as hard as it is in these circumstances, to tell herself the opposite over and over again. “I AM WELL! I AM WELL!” Sounds crazy I know, but every atom and molecule that makes up our physical presence has intelligence and consciousness and responds to every thought we manifest. This is the very basis of Metaphysics. “What we think, we create.” Please try this the next time you are unwell and let me know if it helps. Truth, Love and Light. xxxx 🙂


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