Every time we enter a new Life in ‘Earth School’ we are given a ‘vehicle’. Some are cumbersome and heavy, while others are small and weak, or large and powerful. Still others may be defective and need careful handling.

Regardless of the condition we find our vehicle in, it is our responsibility to make the best use of it for the duration of the journey. In every case, it has lessons to teach us and even the best equipped vehicle should never be taken for granted and we must respect the road rules and make every effort not to crash into others. Road courtesy plays an important role here and always remember to give ‘right of way’.

Now, of course we must maintain our vehicle as best we can at all times, considering the use of appropriate fuels to keep our engines running smoothly, while having respect for its load-bearing capacity and its ability to traverse mountains and valleys along the way.

However, regardless of the shape and size of our vehicle, there is one thing that is more important than everything previously mentioned and that is the ‘electricals’. Even the weakest or most defective vehicle can accomplish great things on the journey if the invisible electrical current is understood and maintained so it flows freely. Without this understanding, even the most powerful, super-charged vehicle can be overtaken on the road by the perceived weakest and most defective.

My point is this. We cannot judge the ‘electricals’ by the impressiveness of the chassis and so it’s best not to judge at all, since what hums beneath the ‘weakest’ may be the most awesome power of all. xxxx 🙂

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