Can we quantify Love?

Dinner the other night was a most interesting one. Not only did we have our usual group of beautiful friends, but also the famous blogger and author of the book ‘Advanced Style’ Ari Seth Cohen with us. Over dinner, the subject of Love came up and in the course of the conversation, I expressed the view that “Love Is” meaning that as the Life Force Essence, it cannot be contained, or indeed made ‘more’ or ‘less’. Ooops! Momentarily, the earth stopped turning! “Does that mean Paul, that you love an ant as much as you love your beautiful wife Tutti?” “Errr… well, since Love is the Life force running through all of us which cannot be contained, the esoteric answer is YES.” Wrong answer! I received three coats of shellack for that ill-considered response!

I get it, I really do, but since the conscious mind judges the minutiae of everything, of course one aspect of love would be placed against another with a resulting value judgement made. And in this context, OF COURSE I love Tutti and my beautiful kids more than an ant! On the other hand, if one has come to a point where to a large degree (but not totally of course!) the conscious mind has been transcended and higher consciousness is the chosen platform of existence, then everything in the entire universe can be viewed (and I agree it’s a choice) from a loving and positive perspective. I definitely want to add however, that this ‘higher consciousness view’ of things in no way undervalues the hurt experienced by so many, even to the point of deep-seated loathing, where forgiveness of any kind could never be considered.

We, all of us, live the best life we can and in every case, regardless of ‘what happened’, it’s how we handle it that matters. Truth, Love and Light.


Here I am with the lovely Ari Seth Cohen


With Tutti, who I love MUCH more than an ant

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