We are awesome, multi-dimentional beings.

I was asked recently (in a most aggressive fashion) to prove categorically that what I espouse is ‘real’, and of course human perception being what it is, (based on our five senses) it’s hard to do. Most things I speak of fit comfortably into the realm of the sixth sense. So what about time then? Can we prove time is real? After all, we can’t see, touch, taste, smell or hear it can we? No. So what makes it real to billions of earth-dwellers? BELIEF does, pure and simple.

Drawing a comparison then, we have ‘accepted’ beliefs and unaccepted ones. For most of us, we know what we know and have a fair idea of what we don’t know, but we don’t know what we don’t know and that’s where we need to keep an open mind. We are multi-dimentional, godlike beings capable of awesome feats, if only we believed. By harnessing our passion, focus and energetic intent, all is possible. Time now to stop selling ourselves short. Love and Light. xxxx

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