The Joys of Communication

As many of you may know, I will be attending and speaking at Author’s Day this Saturday in Underwood Queensland (at Inhouse Publishing Unit 2 / 75 Parramatta Road Underwood QLD 4119) and I wanted to say that although I appreciate many of you would not be attending as a result of the ‘tyranny of distance’, my plan is to share with you on my return, a full transcript of my talk. I also wanted to share my new card which I have attached. If I can assist (in an esoteric sense), please don’t hesitate to contact me. Ideally, I would like to find outlets to speak more often, but I will need sponsors so that any remuneration will go to the good causes I support. Please let me know if you have any thoughts. Truth, Love and Light. xxxx


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Changing your beliefs? Knock the house down!

I read a Seth meditation recently which takes the universal truth that our Beliefs create our reality to an elevated resolution. So yes, there are aspects of our individual realities we certainly may not be happy with, or even proud of. But even if we believe in the concept, (‘belief creates reality’) how do we change our beliefs so the new preferred reality can manifest? Meditate on it? Certainly, but listen while I share this Seth visualisation I’ve found so very effective!

As we meditate on the belief/s we wish to upgrade, visualise an old dilapidated house. See it in all its decrepid detail. Then, walk up to it and place your ‘old’ beliefs inside. Now, step out of the way as a huge bulldozer comes and knocks the creaky old house down and sweeps it clear away.

As you watch in amazement, a team of builders and architects come and start building a beautiful palace with lavish materials and a breath taking garden in rapid time! It’s so beautiful, glistening in the morning light and in an instant, it’s finished! As you walk up the beautifully manicured garden path to the front door, there’s a welcome mat which reads “WELCOME TO YOUR NEW BELIEFS”.

You walk in and place your new belief on a pedestal  in the centre of the exquisite lounge room, and your visualisation is complete.

I do hope this has been helpful. Please let me know if that is the case.          Love and Light to all.

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Getting in touch with self.

In my book ‘The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics’, I explain several meditation techniques I have explored on my personal ‘journey of discovery’ and I would like to give this to you now. I call it ‘Getting in touch with ‘self’. Here it is. I do hope it’s helpful.
“Find a quiet spot away from all distractions and simply sit with eyes closed. As you rest and relax, listen intently for any tones that are present. There is no right or wrong way to do this and whatever you experience is uniquely your own. The tone that you may hear is the tone of your existence, the rhythm of Life. You are simply getting in touch with your true self and being centred in ‘the eternal lightness of being’. As you listen more intently for the tone, you may experience it getting louder and you may also feel a rhythm connected to it. As you connect with this rhythm, imagine it emanating from your body in all directions, to the far reaches of the Universe, as it resonates with love and healing.
This is actually happening, since our Life Force cannot be impeded. It’s the building block of creation, instrumental in forming our physical reality. I sometimes feel this so strongly, it’s like electromagnetism coursing through my body. If I’m upset about anything, this simple exercise returns me to balance again. With practice, this ‘life-tone’ will become readily accessible, enabling you to instantly connect with the ‘now’, while bringing you back into balance.” Truth, Love and Light. xxxx


PS. This shot has not been enhanced in any way. It was ‘given’ to me as I walked along a busy Bali lane several years ago. I was totally gobsmacked when I saw what I had photographed! TCG.

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Today we stand in the midst of great conflict. We need to think clearly and reflect on the meaning and significance of ‘freedom’. To understand that the human spirit has been enslaved by forces that have blocked the free expression of the higher mind. And as unimportant and helpless as we may feel sometimes, every single person, working to establish peace is an instrument for good in our beautiful world. Everyone is important and of value! And even though there are energies at work which handicap the individual human spirit by making one feel futile, the quality of even one person’s thoughts who seeks collaboration and understanding between humanity at large, is far more potent than can be imagined. Courage, strength, love and belief. :))

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The Cranky Guru earns its first gong!

The Cranky Guru-Adventures in Metaphysics has just been awarded a five star rating by Readers Favorite! I’m so thrilled! Here’s the review:

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite
The Cranky Guru: Adventures in Metaphysics is a self-help book by Paul
Bennett. The author bases much of the material he presents on his own
30-year journey of self-discovery. He begins with an example of his beliefs
in action, when he has his passport renewed in three hours before
an anticipated family trip. By believing in the benevolence of the universe,
he saw that trip happening. As he waited for the oce to open
and traveled up to the oces with other applicants, he wished them all
success, and he actually received his passport in time to travel. Bennett
oers ways to focus on the now rather than being caught up in the past
or worrying about the future. He discusses the various forms of meditation
and gives basic instructions on how to practice each form. Bennett
includes an extensive bibliography of those works he found instructive
and instrumental in his search for his own philosophy.
Paul Bennett’s self-help book, The Cranky Guru: Adventures in Metaphysics,
is one of those books you’ll want to hang on to and read and
then re-read. He’s a gifted writer who has the ability to communicate
directly with his readers, almost as though he were in the same room
with you. He’s honest and fearless and quite charming, and I found
myself smiling as I read of his Lift Club exploits. No, I’m never in lifts, so I
won’t be tempted to burst out into song and see for myself just what
transpires, but it does make for some interesting reading. Sometimes
Bennett is deadly serious, as when he discusses what thoughts you project
and the repercussions of negative emotions and feelings. There’s an
awful lot to digest in this well-presented and deceptively slim volume,
and I’m very glad to have heard Bennett’s voice resonating through The
Cranky Guru. This is an exceptional work that is highly recommended.

I do hope you enjoy my book. It can be purchased directly from me here, or


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For those of you interested in my book ‘The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics’, here’s a link showing you where it can be downloaded globally. Just click on to see every distributor. Of course, you can also purchase hard copies directly from me if you choose as well.

I encourage you to please read my book. The world today is in great need of positive messages and through my book and many like it, we glimpse a kinder, more loving existence. This is the right of every sentient being. We all deserve to be happy.

Blessings and Light…

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As human beings, we have evolved with complex and differing influences, attitudes and beliefs which colour our perceptions of life, materially, emotionally and spiritually. In many ways these diverse views of ‘what is’ have created great rifts and misunderstandings between us and certainly our adherence to various branches of faith with diverse commands, rules, observances, rituals and ‘forbiddens’, have been instrumental throughout history in creating much separation, pain and suffering between us.

And we’re so keen for our God to be the ‘One God’ and so we call this personal God of ours by many different names that no doubt have deep meaning for us as individuals. But what I feel is needed in our crazy world, is for all of us to come together in a deeper understanding of that which joins us so much more strongly that the things that divide us.

So here is my suggestion if you choose to take on this challenge. It’s a simple matter of semantics. If we have beliefs, let’s focus on our individual Gods and simply substitute the inclusive name “ALL THAT IS”. It’s a tiny semantic difference which could have far-reaching ramifications for the good of Humanity. Today, let’s embrace our beautiful world together, as one.. :))


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