I don’t want to frighten anyone, but we have within us the most powerful and illegal hallucinogenic drug in the world! That’s right! It’s called ‘DMT’, or for the pharmacists out there, ‘N,N-Dimethyltryptamine’. It is a psychedelic compound of the tryptamine family and is a structural analog of serotonin, (responsible for mood, appetite, sleep, dreams, memory and learning) and melatonin, (which regulates our cycles, reproduction, weight) and may even help combat some cancers.

DMT, also known as ‘the spirit molecule’ is secreted by the tiny ‘pea-sized’ Pineal Gland known as the ‘Third Eye’. I’ve spoken about this in previous blogs and I’m not going to bore you all again with fluoride conspiracy theories, but its well documented that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and as a result impedes the production of DMT. Before I go further, please watch this clip.



It’s well known of course, that the indigenous people of Amazonian Peru use a brew called ayahuasca as a traditional spiritual medicine and by combining the caapi vine with the leaves of Chacruna or Chagropanga, (DMT-containing plant species), powerful hallucinogenic DMT is produced.


They have imbibed this hallucinogenic drug for thousands of years and many indigenous users will tell you that they were given the recipe by the plant spirits directly. Anyhow, it produces the most INTENSE mind- altering effect known to man and Rick Strassman MD performed the first human studies with psychedelic drugs in the US in over 20 years between 1990 and 1995. He administered several hundred doses of DMT to approximately 60 volunteers and he wrote about this research in the popular book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule

Please now watch this clip which gives a graphic description of the ‘DMT experience by Joe Rogan.


Now, there may be many who consider this ‘messing with our brains’, but the fact remains, we have this highly illegal, hallucinogenic substance within us already! And if our pineal gland is decalcified and functioning normally we will have windows and doorways to see through into other dimensions through higher consciousness.

It needs to be understood that this is just how our minds work and we can tap into these other realms both with or without drugs. I will admit here that I have personally had many hallucinogenic experiences in deep meditation of the type described in the above clip and I put it down to the fact that I’ve gone to extreme lengths to minimise my fluoride intake and decalcify my pineal gland. Please watch this clip now and if you follow this advice, it will assist in freeing up your pineal gland. The ‘elixir’ spoken of is naturally produced DMT.

I am sharing this information with you because I believe we all have a mandate to be intuitive, insightful, clairvoyant and ‘multi-dimensional in powerful and profound ways, just as the ancients were and it is our right to fly free! Truth, Love and Light to all.

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Every one of us has the ability to connect with higher consciousness. Although techniques are many and varied, alignment can be achieved in the most simple and direct way. Let’s start with the simplest meditation of all and let’s not even call it a meditation. Let’s just call it ‘getting in touch with Self.

Find a quiet spot away from all distractions and simply sit with eyes closed. As you rest and relax, listen intently for any tones that are present. There is no right or wrong way to do this and whatever you experience is uniquely your own. The tone that you may hear is the tone of your existence, the rhythm of Life. You are simply getting in touch with your true self and being centred in ‘the eternal lightness of being’. As you listen more intently for the tone, you may experience it getting louder and you may also feel a vibration connected to it. As you connect with this energy, imagine it emanating from your body and travelling in all directions, to the far reaches of the Universe, as it resonates with love and healing.

This is actually happening, since our Life Force cannot be impeded. It’s the building block of creation, instrumental in forming our physical reality. I sometimes feel this vibration so strongly, it’s like electromagnetic energy coursing through my body. If I’m upset about anything, this simple exercise returns me to balance again. With practice, this ‘life-tone’ will become readily accessible, enabling you to instantly access the ‘now’, while bringing you back into balance.

I do hope that is helpful. Peace and Love to all.

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Greetings fellow earthlings! For a very long time now I have been concerned about the calcifying effects on our pineal gland of (particularly) fluoride in our water supply. Fluoride toothpaste on the other hand can be easily avoided and there are many suitable substitutes which can be found in our health food stores. IMG_2347.JPG

(This is my alternative to fluoride toothpaste.)

But water is much harder to avoid! We drink it, wash in it and each time we do, we ingest fluoride, either directly by drinking, or through the pores of our skin when we bathe or shower! And fluoride is magnetically attracted to our pineal gland and calcifies it!

Now, much has been written from a scientific viewpoint with regard to the physical purpose of the pineal gland, such as its responsibility for the synthesis and secretion of the hormones serotonin and melatonin. Melatonin maintains the body’s circadian rhythm (sleep-wake cycle), regulates the onset of puberty in females, and helps protect the body from cell damage caused by free radicals, and the pineal gland must be fluid for these good things to happen.

What is much less know or understood however, is that the pineal gland is the cosmic portal to higher consciousness. The famous philosopher Rene Descartes,  dedicated much of his life to studying the pineal gland, stating it is the “principal seat of the soul”. He believed it to be the connection between the physical body and the mind/soul. The ‘Third Eye’. And it is also prominent in the writings of Pythagoras, Plato, and Iamblichus, as well as in Egyptian and Tibetan ‘Ageless Wisdom Teachings’

This is of the utmost importance for the greater enlightenment of Mankind! The human race is not meant to be dim-witted, though there are many evil forces out there working to keep us in the dark this way!

Enough! It’s time to awaken!

Please google widely to familiarise yourselves with the enormous body of research that has been compiled on this topic and you will come to realise I’m not just peeing in the wind here!

Below is the very best article I’ve found on The Pineal Gland and how to decalcify it. It also contains many links to research papers for the scientists among us. Please put all cynicism to one side and just read with an open mind and let me know what you think. I’m posting this because I passionately want the world to be a kinder, more peaceful place for all of us. Truth, Love and Light. The Cranky Guru.


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So anyhow, yesterday we focused on helping to heal others. Today, let’s spend a few moments healing ourselves. There are many wonderful drugs on the market that assist physical and mental illness, but there is one area of healing which is often overlooked and it’s this. We are Multi-Dimensional Beings, existing simultaneously in both the internal and external worlds and the external is really the ‘tiniest tip of the iceberg.’ So let’s call on the much larger ‘totally well’ aspect of ourselves for healing support. We’ll simply sit quietly and visualise ourselves completely free of whatever ailment is afflicting us. We’ll ‘see’ ourselves WELL, doing all the things we desire and we’ll say, “I AM WELL!” with all the passion and joy we can muster. Then just relax and breathe deeply for a few moments, before going on with our day. See the wonderful tree I photographed yesterday? It looks old and wizened, but bursting forth from its summit is abundant new growth! Courage! There is always hope. Love and Light to all.


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My beloved fellow residents of planet Earth, I know I’m like a cracked record but I have to keep repeating what I know for the good of humanity and it is this, “WHAT WE THINK, WE CREATE! OUR BELIEFS MANIFEST OUR REALITY!” Please forgive me for shouting, but there’s no doubt my philosophy is at odds with main stream media who so irresponsibly publish statistics such as the number of people who believe similar terrorist attacks as Paris are ‘INEVITABLE’ on Australian soil!

IMG_2327.JPGOf course they’re right if that’s what the majority think!!! IT’S TIME TO CHANGE FOCUS PEOPLE! Anything we are ‘against’ will grow exponentially as a result!

Instead, let’s state strongly what we are FOR and that will manifest when a tipping point is achieved. So, please tell me what you’re for, while focussing on the beautiful flowers I’ve shared. Beauty, love, kindness, collaboration, friendship, laughter, joy and peace in our beautiful world. That’s what I’m FOR. Truth, Love and Light to all.


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I know my family think I’m a few fries short of a Happy Meal, but I was restless last night, so at approximately 3.30am I arose and went to my ‘special place’ (some might call it the couch in the lounge room) to meditate on world peace. My beautiful wife Tutti said, “You’re crazy! How do you think that’s going to help?” And this of course is our greatest challenge today, in the face of increasing world tensions and terrorist attacks, how not to feel helpless as a single person?


My point is, we’re NOT a ‘single person’ and anyone who has experienced the profound ‘Oneness’ of higher consciousness will fully understand what I’m saying. We are irrevocably connected to All That Is and to the beautiful, perfect and eternal Dance of Life. In this sense, we are actually bullet proof and need fear nothing. In fact it’s imperative we conquer any fears we may have and stay strong and resolute, with our thoughts focused on all that is positive and good in our beautiful world. Love and Joy will always be stronger than fear and hate and we’ll never give up on this idea! Life is beautiful.


And in answer to Tutti’s question, ‘how will getting up at 3.30am to meditate on world peace help?’ I say this. We should never underestimate the power of prayer, or our complete interconnectedness to each other and the universe. What we think, we create. Our beliefs create our reality and once this is fully understood, a peaceful world will manifest. Courage!


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12237985_10153122515691750_5877588563153383561_oAs a committed meditator for many decades, I believe I am qualified to comment on the profound benefits meditation provides all seekers of higher consciousness, the most beneficial being the deep feelings of joy and connection to the ‘oneness of all humanity’. In this state of being, it is impossible to entertain hateful thoughts, since one has entered the very dwelling of Love. One has no desire either to judge or harm others and will seek the good in every situation. What a concept to teach the young people of our world! They would be imbued with a higher sense of wellbeing plus improved social and academic skills as research has shown. I would definitely like to assist young people in meditation classes and am now seeking appropriate avenues to accomplish this. Please let me know what you think. xxxx smile emoticon

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