The launch of The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics is now just two weeks away! Please let me know if you are coming so I can arrange catering. By our launch date on 30th July at Berkelouw Books 19 Oxford Street Paddington, we will have a link on this page so you can purchase both the printed book at $19.95 (plus postage) and the ebook at just $9.95. Can’t wait to share my spiritual journey with everyone! PLEASE SEND ME A MESSAGE IF YOU’RE COMING!


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I’m so thrilled to be able to give a firm date for the Launch of my book ‘The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics’. It will be launched at Berkelouw Books, 19 Oxford Street Paddington on Wednesday 30th July, from 6.30pm till late. FREE WINE WILL BE SERVED and the Cafe will be open for the purchase of coffee and cake.

By our launch date, ‘The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics’ will also be available online through: iBooks, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eSentral, Scribd, Flipkart, Oyster and Ciando.

I do hope you can all come and share in the joy my book has been designed to generate. I would really love to meet you all and I will be so happy to personally sign your copy of my book. If you are a musician, please feel free to bring your instruments and voices and play along with our band Dog on Holiday. Let’s make this a night to remember. See you there!

Every possible best thought,

The Cranky Guru


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We are awesome, multi-dimentional beings.

I was asked recently (in a most aggressive fashion) to prove categorically that what I espouse is ‘real’, and of course human perception being what it is, (based on our five senses) it’s hard to do. Most things I speak of fit comfortably into the realm of the sixth sense. So what about time then? Can we prove time is real? After all, we can’t see, touch, taste, smell or hear it can we? No. So what makes it real to billions of earth-dwellers? BELIEF does, pure and simple.

Drawing a comparison then, we have ‘accepted’ beliefs and unaccepted ones. For most of us, we know what we know and have a fair idea of what we don’t know, but we don’t know what we don’t know and that’s where we need to keep an open mind. We are multi-dimentional, godlike beings capable of awesome feats, if only we believed. By harnessing our passion, focus and energetic intent, all is possible. Time now to stop selling ourselves short. Love and Light. xxxx

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Editing complete in two weeks!

I know there has been a large break between watering holes, but I’m learning from the excellent and selfless efforts of my wonderful editor Cecily-Anna Bradley, that a work of art cannot be rushed. So I’m eternally grateful to her for the care she has taken in editing my book “The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics.” We are entering the last leg of this painstaking work now and I’m assured by Ceci that this phase will be completed within two weeks! Then I will give you all information on the book launch which will be held at Berkelouw Bookstore and Cafe in Leichhardt. I do hope many of you can make it to the launch. Love and Light, The Cranky Guru. xxxx :))



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The Power of “I AM”

The two little words “I AM”, are actually ‘Cosmic Initiators of Manifestation’ which many of us use without knowledge of their immediate and powerful effect. For instance, when I’m resting in the moment and say “I am thirty”, I notice an immediate surge of youthful energy as every atom and molecule in my body responds to the thought. And it’s not just in my mind, it is a noticeable physiological ‘boost’. Conversely, were I to say “Boy! Am I tired!” The same Cosmic principle applies. Beyond Neuro Linguistic Programming, a deeper world exists. I do hope this is helpful. xxxx :))

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How to manifest our reality through belief

Like a circus juggler, we work hard to keep our dreams in the air. And it is possible, when we understand and accept that our beliefs create our reality. If we just spend ten minutes a day, totally focused on our primary beliefs, the desired outcome will manifest. It may be a project we believe in. In my case, it is my book “The Cranky Guru – Adventures in Metaphysics”, which has taken five years to write and is now in the last stages of editing.

For just ten minutes a day for one week, let’s sit quietly together and reinforce our belief. We’ll see our goal manifested and complete in our mind. In my case I visualise every aspect of my book in vivid detail and I see huge success, with millions of people benefiting world wide from the stories through which my philosophies are presented.

I see myself speaking in public, on TED and on the speakers circuit at conventions and seminars. And certainly, I see financial reward for my effort too, although my book will be inexpensive, since I want to give everyone the opportunity to read it.

Now, coupled with this vivid belief, must come a second vitally important belief and that is that everything we have visualised ‘has already happened’. We can see it, feel it, hold it and savour it! There will be those of course, who will dismiss this second belief as abject denial and even gross egocentricity! But surely we are free to dream what we like? So, be outrageous and bold then in your belief and let no one bring you down! Certainly, knockers and ‘naysayers’ lurk around every bend in the road, but we are resolute and strong and our long cherished dream will become our reality.

Please try this and let me know what happens. Profound success may be immediate, but please continue for just ten minutes a day for the entire week regardless. Every success. CG




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Self belief: Chicken or the Egg?

Today, I wanted to discuss self belief and the so called ‘building’ of it. Does success (in whatever field of endeavour we choose) build self belief, or does belief in self create success? I believe it is the latter. Stuck as we are in the earthly ‘space/time continuum, we have been enslaved by two little words for eons. They are ‘if’ and ‘when’. As innocuous as they may sound, they represent the greatest barrier to our ultimate success.

They put us on hold, forever waiting for good things to happen to us, relegating us to the role of beggar, ever seeking providential handouts, instead of accepting the ‘mantel of mastery’ which is ours by right. Big words I know, but that’s how it really is.

As Florence Scovel Shinn said so many years ago, “Divine time is never late” and it is time now to take control of our destiny. Just know that since time does not exist, whatever it is we seek has already manifested! Let’s engage our passion and our imagination and ‘see’ our dreams into reality. All is possible! We’ll channel Thomas Edison for inspiration. He was granted a total of 1,093 US patents and he became a full time inventor at the age of 16!

Thomas invented the ‘electric lamp’ and a thousand other useful things. Did he believe possible what others said was impossible? Of course he did! He had self belief. Come on. Switch on the light of passion and imagination and replace ‘if’ and ‘when’ with ‘now’. It’s all the ‘time’ we need.


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